Decaffeinated Sumatra Mandheling


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Decaffeinated Sumatra Mandheling – Swiss Water Process

Great for Espresso Too!

Decaffeinated Sumatra Mandheling

Vienna (medium dark) Roast

Cup – Smokey, heavy bodied with spicy aftertaste

This Swiss Water Process decaf offers a smokey aroma with a wonderful spice aftertaste. The heavy body delights the tongue with pleasant, rich hints of dark chocolate. If you like Sumatran coffee then you will be delighted with this decaf!

Relax. It’s 100% chemical free – The Swiss Water® Process is a taste-driven, 100% chemical free decaffeination process that uses water from the coast mountains of British Columbia and proprietary caffeine-specific carbon re-generation technology. We promise that solvents like methylene chloride or ethyl acetate are never used to remove caffeine from green coffee beans.

Calm down. Its 99.9% caffeine free – Using water, the Swiss Water® Process removes caffeine such that the beans are 99.9% caffeine free while maintaining the unique origin flavor, body and aroma characteristics. The best of the bean remains while only the caffeine is removed.

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Whole Bean, French Press, Drip, Fine, Espresso



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